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Welcome to Marshall Cavendish eBooks


As of August 2010, roughly 300 Benchmark titles were available in e-book format, including such new series as The Gross and Goofy Body and Controversy! The e-books mirror the text, photos, and illustrations of their print counterparts but are fully searchable and equipped with a hyperlinked table of contents and list of further reading. Nearly everything is adjustable: the font size, the viewing screen, and a one- versus two-page spread option. A neat innovation is "My Folder" which allows the creation of personal bookmarks and notes.

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Marshall Cavendish offers about 280 series nonfiction e-titles, ranging from elementary picture books to high school material. The ebook interface has the same clean lines as the company's print material. Purchase includes free MARC records for easy and reliable integration in OPACs, and the company also offers a "Bookshelf" interface, a handy option for institutions that have a large collection of the publisher's electronic materials. This feature allows keyword searching as well as the option to use Boolean operators and exact phrase, author, title, ISBN, category, and publication year searches. Within the books, navigation is quick. Single-page or spread views are available. Tables of contents are hyperlinked but indexes are not. Individual page printing is an option, and text may also be selected for copying to another document, an important function for those performing research. Marshall Cavendish has concentrated on the basics and produced lean, easy-to-use products. Ebooks from this publisher cost between $13 and $30.

Reviews of our eBook titles in Print

Benchmark Books

American Archaeology series

"Each title distinctly stands alone when archaeologists dig up the earth to interpret the past and discover that each group has a different set of circumstances, therefore making each story both intriguing and engaging for young readers. These books will be a welcomed addition to classroom and school libraries. Recommended."--Library Media Connection

"Huey enthusiastically brings these five different eras to life through artifacts and field research. The visually pleasing books are replete with maps, paintings, and photographs, all appropriately placed and thoughtfully captioned."--School Library Journal

American Archaeology Uncovers the Dutch Colonies

"An inviting design with clear type includes several paintings of the period by a modern artist as well as maps and photos of excavation sites."--Booklist

Animals Animals series: Jaguars, Raccoons, Hyenas

"A detailed chart gives facts such as average height, weight, range, etc., for the various animals within a species. The photography in each book is excellent and the pictures relate well to the corresponding text. Well-organized, solid overviews.--School Library Journal

Backyard Safari series

"I think I neglected my elementary collection before by not purchasing enough Marshall Cavendish Benchmark titles like the Backyard Safari series. I had the most fun with the titles Birds and Squirrels, but the series also includes Spiders; Frogs and Toads; and Caterpillars and Butterflies. Trudi Strain Trueit is the author of this series and leads the reader into wanting to get up off the couch and get outside to see for oneself these animals. Teachers need creative ideas for incorporating more nonfiction and information texts in younger grades. Suggest they plan a Backyard Safari with their students and use this series early in the year." -- Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Barbarians series

"Devotes excellent coverage and exposure to the emergence, development, and legacy of groups of people often referred to as 'Barbarians.' Each book contains fascinating reporting that covers what made these groups stand out from the perceived norms of culture, and also some of the more positive contributions these societies made to mankind. Students in middle or high school history or sociology courses will learn a great deal from the author's realistic and gruesome depictions of these cultures. Teachers will benefit from this set as it covers some of the National Standards for History. Recommended."--Library Media Connection

Barbarians series: Ancient Celts, Early Germans, Goths, Vikings

"Using well-documented original sources and archaeological research, Hinds tells the story of people not always given a voice, expanding the ancient world beyond Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China. The texts are interspersed with historical paintings, photos of period sculptures and other objects, as well as artists' renderings. Whole-page boxes detail specifics such as religion, archaeological discoveries, and fighting techniques."--School Library Journal

Colonial People series

"Well-written and appealing....Large period illustrations and living-history photos, brief sidebars, and instructions for making simple projects enhance the texts, making these books strong choices."--School Library Journal

Controversy! series

"These books make for a fascinating and appealing series of nonfiction titles for young readers. The series is a great resource for classroom and school libraries. Recommended."--Library Media Connection

Controversy!: Health Care: A Right or a Privilege?

"Naden does a solid job of presenting various aspects of the health care debate and offers a readable general account for the uninitiated on how health care is provided in both the U.S. and abroad."--School Library Journal

Controversy!: Religion and Government: Should They Mix?

"Judson clearly presents background information, examples, and issues concerning the separation of church and state....The many references to twenty-first-century leaders and events make the discussions timely."--Booklist

"For readers fascinated with the ways in which religion and government work, or try not to work, together in America, this introduction will provide much food for thought....An overview of the role of religion in international governments, especially in the Islamic world, provides an illuminating contrast with the American system."--School Library Journal

Controversy!: Poverty in America: Cause or Effect?; Illegal Drugs: Condone or Incarcerate?

"These books delve impartially into complex issues, providing a wide array of information that includes historical background and current context of each issue."--School Library Journal

Cool Science series

"Colorful, engaging, and sure to get kids turning the pages, these books are packed with facts and human stories. Shocking photos will grab readers' attention and the real stories will pull them in completely."--School Library Journal

Cool Science: Science Beats Crime

"This title in the Cool Science series takes the reliably attractive angle of forensics to teach readers about practically applied science....This solid, amply illustrated, and easy-reading introduction to forensic science ends with a look at the future of the field, and back matter includes a glossary and additional resources."--Booklist

Dirty and Dangerous Jobs series

"These titles reveal many of the behind-the-scenes, grimier aspects, and dangers of these uncommon, exciting careers and explain why people choose to take such risky jobs."--School Library Journal

Environment at Risk series

"This rewarding series provides extensive coverage of compelling environmental issues...clean layouts, attractive photographs, and relevant sidebars keep the dense text manageable. A valuable, succinct series."--School Library Journal

Green Cars series

"The books provide clear explanations of how hybrid and all-electrical vehicles operate....Understandable diagrams and supplementary material set in framed boxes assist in explaining details. A handy vital-stats section provides facts at a glance, such as the car's weight, top speed, and fuel efficiency. Useful resources for school reports and sure to be popular with auto aficionados."--School Library Journal

Gross and Goofy Body series:

Blasts of Gas: The Secrets of Breathing, Burping and Passing Gas

"Come on, admit it. The title of this book is so intriguing that you've been waiting to hear about gas. Did you know that you inhale about 1.6 gallons of air a minute (2,300 gallons per day)? Did you know that your lungs work hardest in the late afternoon between 4 and 5 p.m.? Do you know how cows' burping contributes to global warming? Which foods make you fart the most? Answers to all these questions are inside. I especially appreciate the last one. Now I know which foods to avoid when I have an event coming up and really don't want to pass smelly gas. No cauliflower, eggs, and meat if I don't want the smelly stuff. I now know that "Most kids pass wind about fourteen times a day and give off enough gas to fill a 1-liter soda bottle." So releasing gas is normal, readers. Just be sure to use the phrase "pass gas" around me. I ardently dislike that f- word and refused to let my children say it around me, I even shuddered as I typed it. We had mom-talk and dad-talk in our house and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'll help you research the facts on it, but I can still choose how I call it." --Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

The Eyes Have It: The Serest of Eyes and Seeing

"Fascinating information on the haw, or third eyelid that many animals have just below their outer lids. The information is unique and very up-to-date as mentioned in the author's "A Note on Sources."" --Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Give Me a Hand: The Secrets of Hands, Feet, Arms, and Legs; Here We Grow: The Secrets of Hair and Nails; The Skin You’re In: The Secrets of Skin; You’ve Got Nerve! The Secrets of the Brain and Nerves

"The Gross and Goofy Body series offers detailed science facts in a fashion approachable enough to make it a welcome supplement to school textbooks. The layout is fresh, clean, and colorful, sidebars keep things conversational, and the back matter is solid." --Booklist, September 1, 2010

It's Spit-acular!: The Secrets of Saliva

"It's Spit-acular!: The Secrets of Saliva is a spectacular recreational nonfiction read. The amount of trivia and facts about saliva included earn this book a spot on my must have list."--Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Now Hear This!: The Secrets of Ears and Hearing

"Now Hear This!: The Secrets of Ears and Hearing gives many details on the different parts of the ear and their functions. Readers will understand far more about how ears work in hearing and in balance. This is a good starting point for healthy ear understanding." --Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Pump It Up!: The Secrets of the Heart and Blood

"Wonderful for higher level thinking and using math, logic, and reasoning." --Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Up Your Nose!: The Secrets of Schnozes and Snouts

"Melissa Stewart combines information from a variety of sources - books about respiration but also descriptions of the nose from medical journal articles about plastic surgery. AND, she interviews people like doctors and scientists for the most up-to-date information." --Diane R. Chen, Practically Paradise blog, schoollibraryjournal.com

Humans series

"Stefoff provides an enlightening and entertaining history of the evolution of Homo sapiens, their ancestors, and cousins, from primitive origins to today. The clear, insightful texts are accented by intriguing sidebars and colorful photos, maps, and graphs. Readers will be drawn into these discussions and the mysteries that surround our evolutionary story." --School Library Journal, March, 2010

"This comprehensive series focuses on the very first man/ape-like creature that may have existed up to “modern” humans, or the Homo sapiens that we know as our early ancestors. The series moves chronologically and does a very good job presenting the scientific facts in easy-to-understand language. The books also include entertaining, yet educational inserts on many of the leading names and the techniques involved in evolutionary science. Recommended." --Library Media Connection

Invisible Worlds series

"These titles provide fascinating looks at worlds that normally require expensive technology and in-depth scientific knowledge to view. Throughout the titles, the narratives are clear, well written, broken down into manageable pieces, and peppered with eye-opening facts. The numerous photographs are so phenomenal that they will inspire kids to read the text about hurricanes, germs, and atomic structure so that they can wrap their minds around what they see." --School Library Journal, November, 2010

Landmark Legislation series:

"All of the titles include average-quality photos and illustrations, sidebars, and extensive bibliographies." --School Library Journal, November,  2010

Social Security Act

"Offers a chronological account of Social Security in the U.S., from its roots in the Great Depression to the problems that threaten the system’s future. Well researched." --Booklist

Life in Victorian England series

"Each volume is a resplendent package of solid report material and elegant aesthetics. These books have great information for reports, and they will no doubt draw in budding Anglophiles wishing to browse, as well."
--School Library Journal, November, 2010

Myths of the World: Ancient India; The Ancient Persians

"From South Asia and the ancient Near East come these exciting tales of great heroes and memorable deities. The stories inspire the imagination, entertain, and allow readers to draw their own conclusions about the universality of human experience. Liberally illustrated with large and vibrant reproductions of artwork in diverse media, the books reflect the grace and opulence of these ancient cultures as well as the more vividly grotesque expressions of imagination." --School Library Journal, February, 2010

Origins series

"Stefoff enlivens the text with subjects like the giant ape, who may have been the kernel of Bigfoot tales. With many color photos, the attractive format goes a long way toward easing the reader into the topic." --Booklist

Perspectives On series; The Chernobyl Disaster: Legacy and Impact on the Future of Nuclear Energy; The Columbine High School Massacre: Murder in the Classroom

"The Perspectives On series is a useful and well-organized examination of topics and events that impacted history. Most interesting is the last chapter, which examines the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster, and its effect on the use of nuclear energy. The volume examining the Columbine High School massacre is also a well-written examination of this violent school shooting and the controversies it inspired. Both volumes provide a complete and concise examination of the issue at hand, from its occurrence to the impact on society. Both also contain a timeline of events and well-chosen illustrations. This is a recommended addition to any school or public library. --Booklist

Hiroshima: Birth of the Nuclear Age; Civil Unrest in the 1960s: Riots and Their Aftermath

"Utilizing an unbiased and chronological narrative, both authors delve deeply into the given topics, providing an overall representation as well as a substantial degree of insight. By covering seminal research topics in an engaging and crisp manner, these slim, inviting books are effective research tools." --School Library Journal, February, 2010

The Japanese American Internment: Innocence, Guilt, and Wartime Justice

"A solid resource for school reports. A balanced view of the internment is presented, regarding it as a dark period in American history while acknowledging the alternative viewpoints of the time. A good choice for libraries with a need for information on this often-glossed-over part of American history." --School Library Journal

"The titles in this well-written series examine important historic events from differing perspectives, providing background, coverage of the event, and analysis of its aftermath and significance. Recommended."--Library Media Connection

The Scopes Trial: Faith, Science, and American Education; Women’s Right to Vote: America’s Suffrage Movement

"These well-written books begin with overviews and some historical background, and then proceed chronologically to the current decade. Given the ongoing debate surrounding the crux of the 1925 Scopes trial, Burgan presents both sides with respect and objectivity. Marsico engages readers especially well, particularly when recounting the tenuous hours before the 19th Amendment ratification vote in Tennessee. It is evident that both authors have done their research. Both books contain information that is perhaps less well-known to student researchers, including the preliminary events leading up to the Scopes trial and the treatment of imprisoned suffragists. Black-and-white and color photographs along with some period cartoons place readers in the time period, and sidebars interspersed throughout present issues that aren’t easily covered within the main texts (in Scopes, for example, the portrayal of William Jennings Bryan in Inherit the Wind). There are other titles on these subjects, but these stand out for this age range." --School Library Journal, January, 2011

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Its Legacy of Labor Rights

"This well-written title examines many of the details preceding the 1911 disaster. Color photos and full-page sidebars provide additional information. A time line summarizes labor events from 1800 to the present." --School Library Journal, February, 2010

Science at Work in Soccer

"Many soccer players will be intrigued by the information and teachers wanting to make science lessons more relevant will find this a way in. Lots of color photos enliven the text, and a glossary and pointers to further information on the web and in print are appended."

— Ilene Cooper, Booklist, September Issue

Shakespeare Explained series: Richard III; The Sonnets; As You Like It; The Taming of the Shrew; King Lear

"Illustrations are high-quality glossy photos, either of places, people, or images mentioned in the text or of the plays’ modern productions. These titles will provide both novice Shakespearean scholars and teachers with background and useful analytical material to enhance the comprehension of the Bard’s life and works."--School Library Journal

Space! series:
Venus; Jupiter ;The Sun; The Stars ;Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets; Neptune; Uranus

"Each page contains intriguing photos, pictures, or illustrations that include sidebars of information about the topic. Young researchers would find this set of books a wonderful resource. Bibliography. Glossary. Recommended.
"--Library Media Connection, March/April, 2010

"These eight books stand out for clear, accurate presentations of basic facts punctuated by lively turns of phrase and, sometimes, details not commonly found in the plethora of similar tours of the solar system and beyond. Gives even experienced young skywatchers a better understanding of the nature and marvelous variety of our closest neighbors in space."
--School Library Journal

Turning Points in US History series: September 11, 2011, Hurricane Katrina

"Both books provide accurate, nonsensationalized information in a well-organized, clearly written, and politically neutral texts. The photos are crisp, and, due to the subject matter, heartrending." --School Library Journal